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Certification & Technical Information

Closed Cell Certification


Closed Cell high density foam has been awarded product certifications from both the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI), The British Board of Agrément (BBA) and KIWA.

Approved applications include cavity wall injection, cavity wall stabilisation, timber frame construction, masonry dry-lining and pitched roof / ceiling joist insulation.

Cavity Foam Stabilisation Certification
Cavity Foam Insulation Certification
Closed Cell Foam Certification
Closed Cell Solid Wall Certification
Closed Cell Slate Roof Certification
Closed Cell Spray Foam KIWA Certification
Closed Cell Class 0 Fire Certification

Enertite Open Cell Certification

Enertite Open Cell Foam and Technical Information Booklet

Enertite Open Cell KIWA Certification
Enertite Open Cell Foam - Technical Information
Enertite Open Cell Spray Foam NSAI Certification

Enertite Open Cell Spray Foam
Technical Information

Airtightness Testing

Airtightness testing information.

Airtightness Testing - Open Cell
Closed Cell Testing Information
Soudatight LQ Information
Soudatight SP Information

Cavity Wall Certification

EPS bonded bead is one of the most effective forms of insulation available. The thermal properties of bead insulation satisfy u-values outlined in building regulations and the method of install ensures a full fill across the cavity that stops water passing to the inner leaf.

Cavity Wall Insulation Superbead Certification - Bonded Bead
Cavity Wall Insulation - SuperSilver Certificate - Bonded Bead
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