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WALLTITE cavity wall foam insulation is used to reduce the heat loss of existing and new build cavity walls consisting of masonry inner and outer leaf construction.  It is Installed as a liquid through a pattern of 12mm pre-drilled holes it expands within the cavity to gently fill each void eventually setting as a rigid polyurethane high-density insulation.

WALLTITE seals the cavity thereby preventing air leakage. The increased airtightness effect adds to the systems already superior thermal performance helping to reduce energy bills and creating a more comfortable living environment.

WALLTITE insulation is also used to restore the structural stability of existing cavity walls in which conventional wall ties have corroded and in new build and reform construction where its resistance to flood water is of importance.  It stabilizes the wall by adhering to the inner surfaces of the cavity and providing a continuous structural connection between the two leaves. It has excellent resistance to driving rain and can be installed in all geographical exposure zones



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