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Wall Insulation for Timber Frame Applications is effective in reducing the thermal transmittance (U value) of external walls of timber frame dwellings. It is essential that such walls are designed and constructed to incorporate the normal precautions against moisture ingress. 

We provide two types of Timber Frame Wall Insulation.   Both these materials are designed to be used between the timber studs of new and existing conventional timber frame dwellings or buildings of similar occupancy.

  • Open Cell Spray Foam.  The lambda value of this product is 0.039 however this would offer vastly superior air tightness of the building.  The foam is applied directly between the studs onto the OSB.  The stud depth should be sufficient to meet the recommended elemental U-value.  Unwanted air leakage and air infiltration is minimised and sound attenuation improved.  Polyurethane foams are hypo allergenic and so contain no fibres or dust and no noxious vapours. Mechanical and electrical services can be fixed between the foam and the plasterboard. Foam is very quick to install minimising on overhead costs, site storage and waste.

  • Bonded Bead - The low thermal conductivity of our bead (0.033 lambda value) makes it an excellent product for improving the overall thermal performance of any building.  

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