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Heat rises, so the majority of heat from a home is lost through the roof.

Loft insulation helps to prevent this problem by adding an insulating layer between the roof of the house and the heat-producing rooms. This layer of insulation prevents the rising heat from escaping out of the roof. This can reduce heating bills by up to 20%, as less energy is required to keep the house warm.

The latest recommendation by the Energy Savings Trust for depth of loft insulation is 300mm, or 12 inches.

Loft Insulation & Ventilation

Loft Insulation & Ventilation Diagram

Roof Tile Vent

Roof Tile Vent - (1 to be fitted every 2m to adhere to current Building Regulations)


Damp from Poorly Ventilated Roofspace

1st Layer Loft Insulation

First Layer Loft Insulation

Poorly Insulated Loft

Poorly Insulated Loft

Loft Insulation Installation

Loft Insulation Installation

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