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The approved method of install used for Bonded Bead Cavity Insulation ensures a full fill across the cavity that stops water passing to the inner leaf and the thermal properties of bonded bead satisfy u-values outlined in building regulations.



Bonded Bead is the most cost effective way of insulating your property. It is installed by injecting bead using a specified and approved system designed to ensure a complete fill of the cavity wall area. 

The polystyrene used for CWI is a bead which is usually combined with an adhesive at the time of injection. Polystyrene beads are produced to a specified size and density which remains unaltered during the installation process.

The installation must be carried out in accordance with the relevant BBA Certification and System Suppliers installation Manual. 

Once installed, the bead filling in the cavity will remain an effective insulant for the life of the building and will require no further maintenance.

The use of polystyrene bead for cavity wall insulation does not prejudice the fire resistance properties of the wall.

The material is resistant to water penetration and will not transmit water across the cavity by capillary action or from below dpc level. Any rainwater penetrating the outer leaf will drain harmlessly to the footings. The product is not designed to be a water vapour barrier. 

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