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Alpha Insulation offer advice and a range of products and services on how to build an Airtight home.  We can provide a range of spray foam insulation, airtight vapour control membranes, tapes and other products to target the areas which are prone to air leaks to make your new build property more efficient.   Call us for more advice and services  

Build tight, ventilate right!!  Energy-efficiency experts have been advising this for over a decade.  Building Regulations are constantly pushing towards building a home that is airtight.  

Air tightness is essential to prevent heat loss via the fabric of the building and maximizing the effectiveness of thermal insulation thus reducing energy consumption.  For example, an 80m² house which is not airtight requires the same energy to heat as a 400m² house which has a very high standard of air tightness.

Air tightness must be incorporated into the building at design stage.

To many, the concept of ‘airtightness’ seems somehow alien and unwelcome. ‘I don’t want to live in a plastic bag’ being a typical response. Or ‘I always sleep with the windows open, so what’s the point?’ They fear that an airtight house will be an unhealthy one, full of stale smells and condensation. Indeed, the classic Victorian house was designed to be as air-leaky as possible in order to expel the coal smoke: with rattling sash windows, draughts through the floorboards and open fireplaces. This, we thought, was healthy. But perceptions are changing, people are cottoning on to just how important air tight­ness is in low-energy houses.


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