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  • Wigluv®

    The diffusible, single-sided and strongly adhesive tape is generally suitable for bonding overlaps and joints where roof and façade membranes are to be sealed.


      Width Variations - 60 mm/100mm/150mm
      Length 40 m
      Composition Diffusible special PO film
      Information The bond must not be under standing water
      Instructions for application Elastic, impermeable to water, UV stable (resistant to natural weathering for up to 12 months)
      Temperature resistance -40 ºC to +100 ºC
      Minimum roof pitch 10 º - Exception: Wigluv® 300 with the eaves connection of Majcoat® 350, Minimum roof pitch: 5°
      sd value < 2 m

      • High adhesive strength at high and low temperatures - Reliable, long-term building value. 
      • Diffusible - SD Value <2m.
      • Resistant to driving rain and impereable to water - Permanent protection for roof and facade.
    PriceFrom £36.00
    Excluding Sales Tax
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