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A supple vapour barrier for the airtight layer in roof, ceiling and wall construction. FH FORTE Fleece Vapour Retarder is generally for use in construction components that are vapour-permeable on the outside.

FH Forte Fleece Vapour Retarder

Excluding Sales Tax
  • A transparent vapour retarder for the airtight layer in roof and wall constructions. In general FH FORTE Fleece Vapour Retarder is suitable for use in building components that are non-vapour retardant on the outside. In constructions that are well sealed on the exterior (e.g. flat roofs, renovations) the low sd-value guarantees a high degree of drying towards the interior during the summer months. A check should be made in every case by carrying out a calculation (e.g. with WUFI) to ensure the suitability of this option. ISOCELL’s staff will be pleased to offer you technical support. The FH FORTE Fleece Vapour Retarder can also be used for the sub-and-top system in refurbishment.

    Material Composition PP fleece + PP film
    Colour White transparent
    Weight 120 g/m²
    Weight per unit area EN 1849-2
    sd-value 2m
    sd-value (± 1)
    sd-value - Standard EN 1931
    Temperature resistance -40 °C
    Temperature resistance 80 °C
    Elongation - lengthwise > 50 %
    Elongation - crosswise > 60 %
    Elongation EN 12311-2
    Tensile strength - lengthwise > 210 (-30) N / 50 mm
    Tensile strength - crosswise > 180 (-40) N / 50 mm
    Tensile strength EN 12311-2
    Tear propagation resistance - lengthwise > 180 (-30) N
    Tear propagation resistance - crosswise > 230 (-40) N
    Tear propagation resistance EN 12310-1
    Storage cool and dry
    Fire Performance                                            E
    Fire Performance EN 13501_1 / EN 11925_2


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