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  • Highly malleable, fabric-reinforced, Pe adhesive tape with a generous high quality acrylate adhesive layer for airtight sealing of overlapped membrane joints and wire and pipe penetrations. Working temperature: from -5 °C


    • adhesion of vapour retarders and barriers
    • joins OSB and DWD panels indoors and outdoors
    • joins and connections with wood, masonry and metal

    ELASTO Adhesive Tapes

    SKU: ELA60
    Excluding Sales Tax
    • To guarantee air and wind-tightness for the skin of a construction it must have the appropriate foils or panel materials providing a permanent seal at overlaps, gaps, joints and penetration points. AIRSTOP ELASTO Adhesive Tape is slightly expandable with adhesive generously applied.

      Material Composition PE base material with polyester fabric and acrylate adhesive
      Colour Green with black inprint
      Temperature resistance -40 °C
      Temperature resistance 80 °C
      Working temperature -5 °C
      Working temperature 40 °C
      Storage 2 years, cool and dry
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