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  • Slightly transparent, multi purpose adhesive tape for airtight bonding. With an exceptionally age-resistant adhesive layer. It is suitable for use on almost all surfaces. Can be plastered over! Working temperature: from -5° C

    Airstop Flex

    PriceFrom £30.00
    Excluding Sales Tax
    • To guarantee air and wind-tightness for the skin of a construction it must have the appropriate foils or panel materials providing a permanent seal at overlaps, gaps, joints and penetration points. AIRSTOP Flex Adhesive Tape is slightly expandable, tear-resistant, can be plastered over and painted over, has adhesive generously applied and is suitable for a variety of bonding applications.

      Material Composition Slightly expandable synthetic base material, laminated aritght, acrylate adhesive
      Colour White transparent with green airstop imprint
      Thickness 0.6mm
      sd-value 5m
      Temperature resistance -40 °C
      Temperature resistance 100 °C
      UV-resistance 2 months
      Working Temperature 

      -5 °C

      Working Temperature 40 °C
      Age resistance 30 years
      Shelf Life 2 years
      Storage Cool and dry
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