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External Wall Insulation is improving a building's energy efficiency by the application of an insulation layer to the outside wall.  This reduces heating costs by up to as much as 40% with less risk of damp walls and condensation also minimizing heat loss in cold weather and heat gain in warm weather and creates a more comfortable living environment.

What are the Benefits of External Wall Insulation?

  • Reduced heating costs by up to as much as 40%

  • Property Value is increased

  • Lower maintenance costs e.g. from reduced condensation and mould growth

  • The wide range of colours, textures, and facings offered by today’s External Wall Insulation systems means that there is a solution available to suit every project

  • Modern External Wall Insulation systems continue to deliver a high level of performance years after they were first installed

  • The excellent weather-proofing properties of EWI are especially beneficial for buildings that are located in harsh environments or could be exposed to impact or physical damage

  • EWI offers a complete, structurally sound envelope which acts like a ‘tea cosy’ around the building and can achieve higher wall insulation U-values than other more traditional ways of insulating buildings

  • Older homes are often significantly improved to the high standard of new builds

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