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What I need to know about Open Cell Spray Foam...

There has been a growing concern over the installation of Open Cell Spray Foam to domestic roof structures. Mortgage companies have been hesitant on releasing monies for properties which have had Open Cell Spray Foam installed. Proof of Installation to Manufacturers instruction is required. We have briefly outlined these concerns to reassure our customers of the measures we take to ensure confidence in our installation.

1. Survey - All properties which are fitted with Open Cell Foam are surveyed by one of our specialists to ensure suitability for the installation process.

2. Properties are fitted with a vent card leaving a 50mm air gap to allow the felt to drape and sufficient airflow between the foam and the roof. This allows the roof trusses to breathe and is BS 5250 compliant.

3. All zinc plated surfaces are sprayed with a fully tested and approved primer to ensure that the zinc does not corrode the foam after install.

4. Once all prep work is completed - Foam is installed to the required depth and if necessary shaved back to allow boarding to take place.

5. Certification - All our installations are NHBC and Building Control approved and Certification is provided upon completion and payment of installation.

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