Soudatight LQ

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Air- and vapour tight membrane

Soudatight LQ is a high-quality fibre reinforced polymer membrane which forms an air and vapour tight elastic membrane after drying. The product can be quickly and easily applied with a brush in the desired layer thickness on almost any mineral substrate. Fills cracks up to 5 mm due to fibre-reinforcement. Once dried a second coat (or more) can be applied if required, after which it can be painted or plastered over. The black variation changes colour after drying, from blue to black. The white version does not have this colour indication.


Shake or stir well before use. Soudatight LQ is applied directly onto the surface using a flat brush. Apply the airtightness liquid paste undiluted and evenly in several layers (at least 2) on the substrate to a layer thickness of minimum 1mm and maximum 3mm. For the best possible coverage, the product is applied the second time under a different angle. For window applications, ensure that the airtightness paste forms a seamless membrane of at least 3 mm on the window frame, over the flexible foam to ± 5 cm on the reveal area of the structural work.

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